Build Your
Gaming Brand

And Secure that bag


Gaming is an $89B industry. An industry ripe for you to get a piece of that bank. HPG Management helps you navigate and maximize your gaming industry earning potential.

You're A Star.

Professional athletes are some of the most internationally recognized figures on the planet and most of them game. It makes sense for you to use your pro influence to build a gaming brand.

Get a gaming agent.

Due to career obligations It is often difficult for a pro athlete to maximize their full market potential without help. HPG Management is that help.

A gaming agent doesn’t replace the duties of your current agent. In most cases we’ll work with your agent as needed to further your success. Click here to see the services we'll provide.

We help you earn more.

A successful career means that you must be able to maximize every available earning opportunity on and off the field. HPG Management helps an athlete maximize their gaming industry branding and earning potential. We do this through proper planning, professional branding and superb execution. Click here to see what opportunities the gaming industry brings.

Go Time.

Contact HPG Management to setup a consultation to answer any questions you might have. Even though the gaming industry isn't going anywhere, we encourage you get into this industry now, while it’s on fire.

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